Moment will continue cooperation with T1

Those worried about the future of Kim 'Moment' Ji-hwan as part of T1 due to Bengi's move there can relax. The club's management announced the re-signing of the contract with the coach of T1. The Korean club will now have two mentors on the roster to help players improve their form and perform well in the 2021/2022 season.

Kim Ji-hwan joined T1 on December 9, 2019 and has been with the organization for almost two years now. With his help, the players were able to win LCK Spring 2020, take second place at LCK Regional Finals 2020, become vice-champions of LCK Summer 2021 and winners of LCK Regional Finals 2021. At the 2021 World Championship T1 performed well and reached the semifinals of the World Championship. In the fight against DWG KIA for reaching the grand final, the team lost 2-3 and took 3-4 place in the standings.

Earlier, we talked aboutBey 'Bengi' Seong-wun 's transition to the main T1 squad as coach. His collaboration with Moment should pay off as Bei Seng-wun has been a three-time LoL World Champion with T1 and has quite an impressive track record as both a player and coach.

We also talked about re-signing 'Oner' Hyun-joon and Lee 'Gumayusi' Min-hyeon.

Updated T1 League of Legends roster: