Flawless and Dice are the new Burning Core players

An announcement has appeared on Burning Core's Twitter account regarding the change in their League of Legends roster. The three Japanese were joined by two Korean esportsmen. The roster was joined by Sang 'Flawless' Yeon-joon and Hong 'Dice' Do-hyeon. The former was in agent status, while Dice moved into the Burning Core ranks straight from Gen.G Challengers. Until November 16, Flawless was also listed in the aforementioned roster, and therefore it will not be the first time for this duo to play together.

Sang 'Flawless' Yeon-joon and Hong 'Dice' Do-hyeon were able to win the LCK Challenger League Summer 2021 together. In the final they beat Afreeca Freecs 3-1 for the main prize of $ 25,886.

Hong 'Dice' Do-hyeon has less experience in the professional League of Legends stage. His career is limited to Gen.G Academy and Gen.G Challengers. The career of the Korean esports player began at the end of June 2020. For seven months, he played at Gen.G Academy and as part of the team took 5-6 place at the KeSPA Cup 2020, for which the team earned $ 7,368. In January 2021, he was transferred to Gen.G Challengers and there he achieved much greater success. For example, in the spring split for academic rosters, LCK CL Spring 2021, he took 3rd place and received $ 8,920 with the team, and as part of the LCK CL Summer 2021, as mentioned earlier, the esportsman became the winner and earned $ 25,886. In total, Do-hyeon was able to earn $ 8,435.

As for Sang 'Flawless' Yeon-joon, his experience goes far beyond what teammate Dice can provide. Flawless began his career as a professional League of Legends player back in 2015. During his career, the player has represented such tags as APK Prince, Gen.G Esports, Gen.G Challengers, Rogue Warrios, JD Gaming and others. His main achievement, without a doubt, is the second place at the LPL Spring 2019. The esportsman achieved this as part of JD Gaming, and the reward for this work amounted to $ 119,470. Then the team failed to beat Invictus Gaming, having suffered a defeat with a score of 1-3. His last significant titles were in April and August 2021. In the spring, as part of Gen.G Esports, he became the silver medalist of LCK Spring 2021 and earned $ 89,206. In July, he was demoted as a member of Gen.G Challengers and as part of the team was able to take first place at CLK CL Summer 2021, which proved that he was able to play not at the lowest level. The management decided to sell the player to Burning Core, where he was reunited with his fellow Dice.

The Koreans will now play alongside esports players such as Minato 'RayFarky' Shinohara, Yoshimasa 'Gariaru' Sato, and Yuhi 'Yuhi' Nakanishi. Burning Core does not have any victories, even the smallest ones. Their best results are 3-4 place at LJL Spring 2018 Promotion, 4th place at LJL Summer 2018 and 4th place at LJL Summer 2019. In the last league in which they took part, LJL Summer 2021, the team is located on the 8th line, which is the worst result in the Japanese League of Legends. With the departure of Proud and Once and the arrival of Flawless and Dice, the club's management hopes for a better change.

Updated Burning Core roster: