Gen.G introduced new trainers

Organization Gen.G has introduced new trainers for its League of Legends discipline. The team's coaching staff includes Score, Mafa and Museong to replace the recently departed Ggoong, Lyn and oDin.

Score will be the head coach of the team. For the 29-year-old specialist, this experience will be the first in his career. As a reminder, Score previously played for teams such as StarTale and KT Rolster. At the same time, in 2019, the 29-year-old Korean ended his playing career, all this time in the shadow of the competitive scene.

Mafa and Museong, who previously trained Invictus Gaming and DRX respectively, are called to help him.

As a reminder, Gen.G has seriously refreshed its roster before the start of the next season. Rascal, YoungJae, Clid, Bdd, as well as part of the coaching staff headed by Ggoong and Lyn left the team. However, the team has already announced the signing of Peanut, Doran, Chovy and Lehends.

From now on, the composition of Gen.G is as follows: