Effort and Dread become new players of Nongshim RedForce

From the side of the representatives of the esports organization Nongshim RedForce, information about two newly arrived players appeared. Now Effort and Dread will also act under the NS tag. They joined Juhan, Bay, Bdd and Kellin. Earlier it became known that Bdd replaced Peanut, who left for Gen.G.

Lee 'Effort' Sang-ho is an award-winning and infamous League of Legends player. He managed to perform under the tag of the legendary SK Telecom T1, which later became simply T1, together with Faker, after which he played under the SANDBOX Gaming tag. Together with T1, Effort achieved considerable success, and among the notable achievements is the victory at LCK Summer 2019 and LCK Spring 2020. In addition, he took 3-4 place at the 2019 World Championship. After T1 failed to make it to the LoL World Championship in 2020, the esportsman moved to the ranks of SANDBOX Gaming and played there for almost a year. A more or less sane result, along with teammates from SANDBOX, can definitely be called the 5th-6th place at the KeSPA Cup 2020. For almost 5 years of his career, the Korean support player earned more than $ 80,000.

Lee 'Dread' Jin-hyuk, unlike Effort, has less impressive experience, and his success is mostly limited to performing at Afreeca Freecs, where he spent three years of his life. Together with his AF teammates, the esportsman was able to take 5th place at LCK Summer 2019, 4th place at LCK Regional finals 2019, 3rd place at LCK Regional Finals 2020 and even win the KeSPA Cup 2019. The team earned $ 34,604 for the victory in KeSPA then. The total amount of prize money earned by Dread exceeds $ 14,000. Forester Juhan is already on the Nongshim RedForce roster. The joining Dread plays the same role, however, the experience and, probably, skills of the current forester leave much to be desired, and therefore we can expect the appearance of Lee 'Dread' Jin-hyuk in the next matches with the participation of Nongshim RedForce.

The updated Nongshim RedForce starter roster looks like this: