Clid becomes a free agent

Korean club Gen.G has announced a lineup reshuffle. The team says goodbye to Clid.


The 22-year-old Korean jungler has been playing for Gen.G Esports since November 2019. Now there are 4 players in the active roster of Gen.G.

Current Gen.G squad

Since joining Gen.G, Clid has repeatedly helped the team at regional and international events. Under the club's banners, the player took 2nd place at LCK Spring 2020, 3-4th place at Mid-Season Cup 2020, 3rd place at LCK Summer 2020, 1st place at LCK Regional Finals.

Clid has played for Gen.G twice at the World Championships. In 2020, he and his team took 5th-8th place, and at the recently held Worlds 2021 he finished in the TOP-4.