OpTic Gaming became the winner of the eUnited Grunt Classic

eUnited Grunt Classic has ended. As part of the championship, which was held online from September 16 to 18, sixteen teams from Europe and North America competed for a prize pool of $25,000. The winner of the tournament was the OpTic Gaming team, which in the grand final outplayed the Sentinels with a score of 4:3 (Live Fire - 2:4; Aquarius - 48:50; Recharge - 250:75; Catalyst - 2:3; Streets - 50:35 ; Recharge - 2:0; Live Fire - 50:40).

Hardly anyone doubted that OpTic Gaming would finish the next championship undefeated. So this time, the North American team dominated throughout all the competitions, defeating Shopify Rebellion (3:1), Fnatic (3:0), Native Gaming Red (3:1) and Sentinels (4:1) along the way.

In the grand final of the tournament, the Lunchbox wards again outplayed the Sentinels (4:3), thanks to which they became the winners of the eUnited Grunt Classic and earned a prize of $10,000.

Now OpTic Gaming will begin preparations for Halo Championship Series 2022: Orlando, where, on a whim, it will be the main contender for the title.

Results of eUnited Grunt Classic