AMD Ryzen 9 9950X Performance Leak: What We Know Ahead of Launch

According to a reliable source, details regarding the rendering capabilities of the AMD Ryzen 9 9950X processor have allegedly surfaced ahead of its scheduled launch in July. These revelations were shared by a leaker on a forum, subsequently gaining traction on social media.

This leak comes amidst a busy period for the tech giant. In April, AMD unveiled the Ryzen Pro 8000 series, targeting AI-enhanced laptops and workstations with CPUs from the Zen 4 generation. These processors, such as the Ryzen 7 Pro 8700G with a 65W TDP, feature clock speeds exceeding 5 GHz and configurations boasting six to eight CPU cores, positioning AMD in the AI-focused market.

While the release date remains unconfirmed, rumors suggest a July 31 launch for the AMD Ryzen 9000 series. Amidst these rumors, a credible leaker, AnandTech forums user Igor_Kavinski, shared positive findings. According to Igor_Kavinski's post, Blender benchmark tests demonstrate the Ryzen 9 9950X reaching a peak frequency of 5.85 GHz, matching the current Ryzen 9 7950X. Both processors operate at a 170W TDP, expandable to 200W with AMD's Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO).

Key Points from the Rumored AMD Ryzen 9 9950X Benchmarks:

AMD Ryzen 9 9950X Performance Leak: What We Know Ahead of Launch 1

Rumors also hint at AMD launching the Ryzen 9000X3D processor lineup in September, although official confirmation is pending. The Ryzen 9 9950X, positioned as an enterprise-grade processor, offers potential buyers the option to pair it with high-performance GPUs like the GeForce RTX 4090 for optimized processing power.

Overall, AMD enthusiasts eyeing the flagship Zen 5 CPU now have compelling performance metrics to consider, courtesy of Igor_Kavinski's insights into the Ryzen 9 9950X.