New Apocalyptic Shadow Boss Revealed in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.5 Leak – Are You Ready for the Challenge?

A recent Honkai: Star Rail leak has detailed a new Apocalyptic Shadow boss, set to arrive in version 2.5. Honkai: Star Rail's Apocalyptic Shadow mode is the latest endgame content for players with high-level units. It offers a substantial number of Stellar Jades, requiring Trailblazers to defeat more powerful versions of enemies they've previously faced. This combat domain is designed to be a fresh challenge for those who have already conquered other endgame modes, such as Pure Fiction and Memory of Chaos.

The Apocalyptic Shadow mode is not only a place for players to test their characters but also a source of Stellar Jades and upgrade materials. Completing the mode rewards players with plenty of Lost Crystals, Lucent Afterglows, Refined Aethers, Credits, and Traveler's Guides. Additionally, they can earn Stellar Jades and Jade Feathers by achieving high scores in the stages within Honkai: Star Rail's Apocalyptic Shadow.

The latest Honkai: Star Rail version 2.5 leak from HomDGCat unveiled a new boss, Phantylia, who will appear in the Apocalyptic Shadow mode. The upcoming boss will have damage reduction while not in the Weakness Broken state, and its Abundance lotuses will heal themselves. According to the leak, these flower companions will reduce a certain amount of energy from all units when they act.


It's worth noting that Phantylia's lotuses will be unkillable, but the boss will transfer its elemental weaknesses to its companions. Phantylia the Undying is an Echo of War boss in Honkai: Star Rail, located in the Scalegorge Waterscape region of Xianzhou Lufou. It has weaknesses to elements such as Wind, Imaginary, and Lightning, so players are advised to use characters with these elements to defeat Phantylia the Undying more easily.

The Apocalyptic Shadow mode has players clearing waves of enemies to earn abundant rewards, similar to other modes within Honkai: Star Rail. It runs alongside Pure Fiction, allowing players to choose buffs for their parties before diving into combat. There are various difficulty levels in Apocalyptic Shadow, with one offering the four-star Quantum unit Xueyi as a completion reward.

Additionally, a fan-made Honkai: Star Rail chart revealed that Ruan Mei, Firefly, and Acheron are the most used units in the Apocalyptic Shadow mode. Ruan Mei leads with an 89.31% usage rate, followed by Acheron and Firefly with 74.79% and 58.49%, respectively. Fu Xuan and Silver Wolf are also among the most popular characters in the Apocalyptic Shadow mode.