How to Find Oil in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, the introduction of settlements allows players to invest significant time into building and crafting. Items found in the wasteland can be broken down into components used to enhance weapons, armor, and settlements. One crucial component is oil, necessary for constructing turrets, water purifiers, generators, and other essential machines. This guide will show you where to find oil in the Commonwealth.

Sources of Oil

Oil can be obtained by breaking down specific junk items or purchasing shipments from vendors. Here are the various sources:

Junk Items

How to Find Oil in Fallout 4 1

Storing these junk items in your settlement workshop will automatically add oil to your inventory. Alternatively, you can drop and scrap them for immediate extraction. The Scrapper perk can increase the components you retrieve from these items.

Items and Locations:


How to Find Oil in Fallout 4 2

For bulk oil, purchase shipments from the following vendors:


By knowing where to find oil and how to efficiently gather it, you can ensure that your settlements in Fallout 4 are well-equipped and fortified. Whether through scavenging junk items or purchasing shipments, keeping a steady supply of oil will help you maintain and upgrade your bases and equipment.