Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.4 Leaks Reveal Exciting New Destination

Recent leaks for Honkai: Star Rail have unveiled a new destination that players will explore in version 2.4. These leaks, released a few days ago, teased a brand-new region called The Shackling Prison, allegedly themed after Xianzhou Lufou. This area is rumored to contain treasure chests, puzzles, and enemies with unique skills.

Diverse Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail features various locations, such as Jarilo IV, Xianzhou Lufou, and Penacony, each inhabited by different races and consisting of multiple sub-regions with unique architecture and history. For example, Jarilo IV’s main destination is Belobog, which includes sub-regions like Everwinter Hill, Outlying Snow Hills, Corridor of Fading Echoes, and Backwater Pass. It is in this snowy city where players encounter Bronya.

New Region: The Shackling Prison

Reliable leaker Seele Leaks recently showcased The Shackling Prison, which will be introduced in version 2.4. This new location boasts grandiose architecture and menacing music, creating a spooky atmosphere. A prominent feature is a giant gateway that many fans speculate leads to the imprisonment of Shuhu. Players will encounter a Hexanexus puzzle in The Shackling Prison, which involves solving it by rotating cube parts.


New Exploration Mechanic

The Shackling Prison will also feature an exciting new mechanic allowing players to transform into a crane bird, enabling them to fly over the map and reach higher places. Although this mechanic promises fun exploration, some fans on Reddit are concerned about potential control issues. The Shackling Prison is expected to be part of Honkai: Star Rail's Xianzhou Lufou.

Story Progression and New Characters

In version 2.4, the Astral Express crew will return to Xianzhou Lufou to continue the story. Players will participate in the Xianzhou Wardance event, showcasing new forms for March 7th and Yunli. Additionally, the update will introduce Jiaoqiu, a new Fire unit following the path of Nihility, who wields the Light Cone weapon “Those Many Springs,” significantly increasing his Effect Hit Rate.

Character Releases

Yunli will become playable in the first part of version 2.4, while Jiaoqiu will debut in the second part. March 7th's new form, which follows the path of Hunt and uses Imaginary as her element, will also appear in this version. More details about these characters will be revealed in a livestream dedicated to version 2.4.

Fans are eagerly anticipating these exciting new additions and mechanics, which promise to enrich the Honkai: Star Rail experience.