Payday 3 Update Brings Fan-Favorite Character, Solo Mode, and More Exciting Features!

Developers have announced an exciting new update for Payday 3 set to release this month, aimed at reinvigorating the crime-oriented shooter. Key highlights of this update include the addition of a fan-favorite character and a solo play option.

Few FPS titles have cultivated a dedicated fanbase like Starbreeze and Overkill's Payday series. Since its debut in 2011 with Payday: The Heist, the series has immersed players in the world of an unstoppable group of criminals, taking on some of the world's most enticing locations. From banks and casinos to the White House, Payday offers players unparalleled freedom in their heist choices, weapons, and tools. The ability to complete missions either through all-out action or stealth has been a major draw for fans. The upcoming Payday 3 update promises to further energize the game with long-requested features.

In a new developer video, Global Brand Director Almir Listo showcased the new features and additions expected on June 27. This update includes a new heist where the Payday Gang targets a police station, symbolically stealing gold bars as a statement against authority. The paid DLC features a new heist, a new weapon pack, and a new tailor pack.

Payday 3 Reveals New Boys in Blue Update

Additionally, all Payday 3 players will receive access to a free update. The Boys in Blue update includes the return of Clover, a beloved character in the Payday community, a new LMG, three new masks, and the ability to rename player loadouts. One of the most significant improvements is the introduction of a Solo Mode, allowing players to start games without matchmaking.

Since its release in September last year, Payday 3 has faced several challenges, including numerous bugs and server issues at launch. It also lacked features present in previous titles, such as offline play. However, Developer Starbreeze Studios is committed to enhancing the game, and the upcoming update is a promising step forward for the franchise.