Discover Sigewinne's Full Kit in Genshin Impact's Upcoming Update 4.7!

A recent announcement from Genshin Impact has unveiled the full details of an upcoming character, the five-star Hydro user Sigewinne. HoYoverse confirmed that Sigewinne will debut in the second part of the ongoing update 4.7, scheduled to launch on June 25.

The initial phase of Genshin Impact 4.7 introduced two new characters: Fontaine's renowned Champion Duelist, Clorinde, and Sethos, leader of the Temple of Silence. Players eager to acquire these characters are urged to pull for them soon, as their banner is set to expire within a week.

Sigewinne, previously revealed in Genshin Impact's main storyline as the head nurse of the infirmary in the Fortress of Meropide, now has her complete kit details disclosed. She is designed as a Hydro support character specializing in healing and boosting her team's damage output. Sigewinne's Elemental Skill unleashes a Bolstering Bubblebalm that bounces multiple times, restoring HP to nearby party members and dealing AoE Hydro damage based on her max HP. Notably, only one Bolstering Bubblebalm can be active until its duration ends.

Sigewinne's Elemental Burst sees her deploying a special syringe to deal significant AoE damage in front of her, scaling with her max HP. Her first passive talent enhances Hydro damage by 8% and grants 10 stacks of Convalescence after using her Elemental Skill. Each stack of Convalescence boosts damage output when other party members use their elemental skills.


Furthermore, Sigewinne's second passive talent increases her healing potential based on the total Bond of Life (BoL) value across the entire Genshin Impact team composition. For every 1000% HP of BoL, healing is augmented by 3%, up to a maximum increase of 30%. Many fans have been saving Primogems in anticipation of pulling for this unique healer.

While details about the four-star characters joining Sigewinne's banner remain undisclosed, fans are hopeful that another Fontaine character, Chevreuse, will be included. Additionally, the only confirmed limited character for the second phase of Genshin Impact version 4.7 is the Hydro Archon, Furina.