Starfield Player Recreates Willem Dafoe with a Blue Twist

A Starfield player recently amazed the community by recreating the movie star Willem Dafoe in the game—with an unexpected twist: he’s blue. This creative endeavor showcases the flexibility of Starfield’s character creation system, demonstrating what skilled players can achieve.

Released last year, Starfield quickly became a hit, appearing on several best-selling games lists despite its availability on day one through Game Pass. The game received a mixed critical reception, including some review bombing. However, Bethesda has kept the community engaged with updates and recently announced the upcoming Shattered Space expansion, prompting many players to return to the game.

The player, known as OkRing7470, stumbled upon the blue Willem Dafoe while experimenting with the character creation tools. Willem Dafoe, a 68-year-old American actor known for his roles in movies since the 80s, including Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) in the Spider-Man series, was instantly recognizable in this blue avatar. Although OkRing7470 didn’t share the exact steps for achieving this look, the post garnered over 1,200 upvotes and entertained many in the community.


Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a player has recreated Willem Dafoe in Starfield. Another player managed to turn their protagonist into the actor last year, but with the correct skin tone.

Creating specific characters in Starfield can be challenging, but the game's flexible character creation system has enabled many players to recreate famous faces. For instance, one gamer recreated Leonardo DiCaprio, earning praise from the community for the likeness.

While many of these recreations are intentional, some, like OkRing7470’s blue Willem Dafoe, happen by accident. Last year, another player accidentally created a character resembling Matt Damon. During the character creation process, the player’s wife pointed out the likeness to Jason Bourne, prompting the player to keep the character.

The community eagerly anticipates more creative character designs, as players continue to explore the vast potential of Starfield’s character creation system.