Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Leak: Vaulted Items Returning, New Collaborations, and More!

A recent leak suggests that Fortnite may soon be bringing back several vaulted items. With the advent of Chapter 5, Season 3, dubbed "Wrecked," Fortnite has embraced an apocalyptic theme reminiscent of Mad Max, featuring themed vehicles and skins, and introducing a new battle arena known as the "Nitro Dome."

The current season kicked off with a notable collaboration with the Fallout series, introducing Power Armor skins and a new Nuka Cola item. As usual, with the start of a new season, Fortnite has cycled its inventory of items, vaulting some, like the frenzy auto shotgun and flowberries, and introducing others to align with the new sandstorm-themed bosses and their unique mechanics such as buffs to the new nitro feature and infinite ammo.

Fortnite leaker HYPEX recently tweeted a list of items potentially being unvaulted, which includes the impulse grenade, rift-to-go, and med mist, enhancing the game's Mad Max flair. These items are particularly useful for players needing quick escapes from sticky situations, especially with the new challenging vehicle mods this season.


The list of items that might return includes:

Additionally, a new heavy sniper was leaked, which is reported to deal triple damage to vehicles, although specific stats are yet to be disclosed. This season has seen vehicles become a focal point of strategy, with mixed reactions from the community. New weapons like the boom bolt crossbow and nitro fist have been introduced as effective tools against vehicles, with dynamite and the heavy sniper anticipated to further enhance these tactical options.

Looking ahead, Fortnite's Chapter 5 Season 3 is ripe with potential, including a rumored collaboration with the indie game Lethal Company. This follows Fortnite's trend of partnering with various franchises, continuing to expand its vast universe. Fans are keenly awaiting more details as Fortnite maintains its dynamic approach to evolving gameplay and partnerships.