XDefiant to Introduce Search and Destroy Mode and KillCams Soon, Confirms Executive Producer

XDefiant's executive producer, Mark Rubin, responded to players asking for specific features and game modes, confirming that a Search and Destroy style experience and killcams are coming soon. Although the journey for Ubisoft's newest online shooter has been longer than expected, the game has finally launched. Set within Ubisoft's Clancyverse, XDefiant quickly became a hit, becoming the company's fastest-ever game to reach one million unique users just 48 hours after its release.

As a live service title, XDefiant will continually evolve over time. The game launched into its Preseason to give players time to get accustomed to it. Ubisoft continues to improve the product, having recently released Update 1, which fixed the frustrating hit registration issue players were encountering and re-enabled the Practice Zone area where fans could try out different weapons and abilities in a stress-free environment. However, much more is on the way, with Season 1 planned for the summer and new game modes and features also in development.

Mark Rubin, known for his work at Infinity Ward, has been highly active on social media, discussing the game and interacting with fans. With XDefiant now available to all players, Rubin has been even more active, revealing Ubisoft's upcoming plans and addressing players' questions. As XDefiant continues to be compared to other games like Call of Duty, many players are eager to see certain features or game modes that are currently unavailable. One such mode, Search and Destroy, appears to be on the way after Rubin responded to a fan, confirming that XDefiant's version, called 1-Life Bomb, is in development but does not yet have a solid launch date.


Is XDefiant Getting a KillCam Feature?

Yes, killcams are on the way for Ubisoft's XDefiant. The news was confirmed again by Mark Rubin, who responded directly to a fan on social media. Rubin indicated that the team is "working on it," though specific details like a release date were not provided. Many fans have been curious about this feature, as killcams are incredibly popular in Call of Duty for not only showing what went wrong in a moment but also for catching potential cheaters in the act.

The killcam feature will likely be crucial for XDefiant moving forward, especially since being a free-to-play title has attracted some undesirable hackers and cheaters. While cheating is common in many F2P titles like Call of Duty: Warzone and The Finals, XDefiant has tried to preemptively address this problem by using the BattlEye anti-cheat system, which is also used in games like Rainbow Six: Siege. Unfortunately, it seems that some have managed to circumvent it for now, as players have reported instances of aimbotting and found websites selling specific XDefiant cheats online.