FromSoftware Unveils New Trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

Attention, weary Tarnished! FromSoftware has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. The trailer, a stunning cinematic filled with intricate character designs, evocative music, and glossy 3D renders, delves into the "tyranny of Messmer's flame" that sparked a war. This conflict led Miquella (infamously associated with Malenia, the blade) to forsake his "golden flesh, his blinding strength, even his fate. But we are not deterred. We choose to follow."

The trailer also features several eerie boss monsters and enemies from earlier teasers, including a Chinese Lion Dance-inspired creature and a giant burning wicker man. The presence of multiple wicker men marching over the scorched landscape raises concerns about potential battles against several of these formidable foes.

Elden Ring enthusiasts are finally receiving a wealth of new details after months of silence. Shadow of the Erdtree, announced early last year, sparked extensive speculation and anticipation as the months passed without any updates from FromSoftware. This prolonged silence was typical for the studio, which maintained tight lips until nearly a year later when an actual trailer was released, complete with a release date. The anticipation for the DLC even caused a one-week delay for Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail.

The excitement surrounding the new trailer echoes the wait for the base game itself, which had a prolonged and suspenseful lead-up to its release. The term "going hollow" became common among soulslike fans, reflecting the long periods without game news.

Now, with fresh footage to analyze, the community can look forward to off-the-wall theories about Miquella's motives before traveling to the Land of Shadow. Whether it was for better Wi-Fi or another reason, the trailer provides ample material for speculation and excitement.