Streamer Kai Cenat Completes Epic Elden Ring Marathon, Shares Enthusiastic Review

Renowned streamer Kai Cenat recently completed an intense six-day Twitch marathon playing Elden Ring. The event began with a Hollywood-quality teaser trailer featuring Cenat alongside two iconic Elden Ring characters: Malenia and her adversary, Let Me Solo Her. Despite being a first-time player, Cenat committed to staying on stream until he finished the game, setting the stage for a marathon filled with memorable moments.

The marathon lasted around 166 hours and was full of highlights as it captured Kai Cenat, one of Twitch's most-followed streamers, experiencing both highs and lows. After facing repeated defeats at the hands of the Red Wolf of Radagon, Kai found himself on the verge of rage-quitting, approaching the camera with tears of frustration. Conversely, his spirits soared when he finally defeated Elden Ring's Malenia after more than 400 attempts. This victory marked a significant moment in the marathon, showcasing Kai's determination and perseverance.

Kai Cenat's Opinion on Elden Ring

Now that Twitch's most subscribed streamer has completed the Elden Ring marathon with 1,701 deaths, Kai Cenat has shared his thoughts about the game. He described Elden Ring as an "absolute cinema," emphasizing how rewarding it felt despite the numerous deaths. He expressed deep enjoyment of every boss battle, noting that no other game had made him feel this way before. Kai praised the game's intricate design, from the characters to the crafting table, the round table, the challenging bosses, the runes, and the upgrade mechanics.


Kai also appreciated the co-op and PvP elements, the interactions with random players, and the humorous in-game messages. Rating the game 10 out of 10, he called it the best game he has played on stream and mentioned his anticipation for the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, commending the developers for their work. He concluded by saying that this experience has set a new standard for him in gaming, making future games feel easier.

Given Kai's high praise for Elden Ring, it's likely he'll also play the upcoming DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, upon its release. Another noteworthy highlight from Kai's marathon was winning $100,000 by defeating the seventh main boss in the game. Streamer Adin Ross challenged Kai with a bet, doubting he could defeat Godfrey on his first attempt. Kai accepted the challenge and emerged victorious. Additionally, Kai spent almost six hours battling an optional early-game boss before finally succeeding, initially raising doubts about his ability to finish the marathon.

Kai Cenat's Elden Ring marathon has not only showcased his dedication and skill but has also provided an enthusiastic endorsement of the game, highlighting its intricate design and engaging gameplay.