Fortnite's Midas Returns with Golden Twists: New Quests, Mythological Skins, and 'Floor is Lava' Reimagined!

Fortnite's most recent update marks the thrilling comeback of the notorious villain Midas, introducing a new event that's brimming with quests, rewards, and the reintroduction of a fan-favorite game mode. The game has maintained its dynamic and bustling pace, a trend that Epic Games continues, ensuring Fortnite remains fresh and engaging.

With the dawn of Chapter 5, Season 2 in early March, after a brief postponement, the game ventured into Greek mythology, featuring iconic figures such as Zeus, Aphrodite, and the newly introduced Hades. Amidst speculation, it was confirmed that the infamous Midas would be returning, after hints of his imprisonment in the Underworld were leaked. Epic Games has now unveiled a special event with the Update 29.01, inviting players to dive into the latest developments.

The "Rise of Midas" event unfolds Midas' narrative after his breakout from the Underworld, focusing on his quest to identify the betrayer in his ranks. This storyline introduces five phased quests available until April 2, enriching the game with new narrative elements and offering rewards for completing 6, 12, and 18 quests, including sprays, back bling, and a golden glider.

An exciting addition is the updated "Floor is Lava" mode, now presented as "Midas Presents: Floor is Lava," featuring golden lava and incorporating items from Chapter 5, Season 2. This iteration brings unique quests and rewards, enhancing the game's appeal with items like the Lightning King and Zeus Medallion sprays, and The Gilded Vengeance Pickaxe.

The Fortnite store is also embracing a golden theme, with the introduction of the Ascendant Midas outfit, Golden King's Cape Back Bling, and The Golden Touch Pickaxe set to launch on March 26. A special style for the outfit is also teased, adding to the anticipation.

Another highlight is the "Rise of Midas Cup," a solo contest challenging players to amass points within their region, with top performers earning exclusive outfits and back bling before they hit the store. Participants scoring 8 points will receive The Rise of Midas Loading Screen upon the arrival of Update 29.10. Competitors are allotted 3 hours to play 10 matches, aiming to secure as many points as possible.

Beyond the new content and cosmetics, Update 29.01 addresses several issues from the season, including a glitch that let players launch Zeus' Thunderbolt through structures. The Chains of Hades Olympian Power, previewed in the Fortnite trailer, is now live, allowing players to pull foes for an attack combo. This power can be looted or obtained by defeating Hades.

The 29.01 patch notes detail fixes for the Thunderbolt of Zeus glitch, shooting through structures with the Gatekeeper Shotgun, and a loophole that enabled indefinite flight with the Wings of Icarus. Additionally, a visual glitch preventing the display of XP earned from creator-made islands until returning to the Lobby has been resolved, polishing the overall gameplay experience.