Unveiling Version 4.5: Genshin Impact Rolls Out New Geo Powerhouse and Electrifying Four-Star Lineup!

Genshin Impact is gearing up for the launch of Version 4.5's phase 1, unveiling a roster of four-star characters set to join the game. HoYoverse, the developer, structures game updates into two segments, each featuring a unique lineup of characters and weapons, reflecting the game's expansive universe.

Characters in Genshin Impact are categorized by rarity, with five-star units being the most elusive, requiring up to a 90-wish investment for a guaranteed drop. Conversely, four-star characters are more accessible, with a guaranteed drop every 10 wishes, though players have equal chances of obtaining one of three featured units.

The upcoming update 4.5's initial phase was highlighted in a recent livestream, showcasing two five-star characters, Arataki Itto and Chiori, a new Geo element wielder from the Inazuma region, known for her fame as a fashion designer in Fontaine's storyline. A fresh announcement from Genshin Impact has detailed the four-star characters that will accompany Chiori and Itto in their banner debut.


Update 4.5 Phase 1 Banner Characters:

Chiori's introduction marks a unique occasion with four Geo element users featured together, suggesting potential for excellent team synergy. Chiori, taking on a sub-DPS role, is adept at delivering significant damage even off-field and meshes well with Navia Caspar, another five-star Geo user, elevating Geo DPS capabilities in the game.

Gorou stands out as a four-star Geo support, essential for teams with Geo characters, offering vital support since his addition to the game. Typically paired with Itto on banners, Gorou is instrumental for those aiming to assemble a formidable mono-Geo team.

Dori, the banner's sole non-Geo character hailing from Sumeru, brings valuable healing and battery support capabilities to the table, enhancing team energy regeneration with her ability to produce Energy particles efficiently. This diverse character lineup in Version 4.5's first phase adds new tactical dimensions and team-building strategies for Genshin Impact players to explore.