Messmer's Secret Unveiled: The Sinister Left-Hand Clue in Elden Ring's Latest Saga

A recent discussion on Reddit has ignited fresh intrigue around Messmer, a cryptic character from the anticipated Elden Ring expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. Despite his absence in the base game, Messmer's compelling design and the snippets revealed in the expansion's gameplay trailer have fueled speculation about his significance within the game's expansive lore.

The trailer hints at Messmer playing a pivotal role as a potential adversary, with his confrontation against the player and references to being "bereft of light," possibly alluding to the Tarnished. Dialogue about "the embrace of Messmer's flame" further positions him as an antagonist linked to the Golden Order, contrasting the Tarnished's path. The speculative dots being connected between his red hair and the lineage of Radagon and Marika only add layers to his enigmatic presence.

A particularly interesting observation made by a Reddit user, George2J, is Messmer's left-handedness, a detail that distinguishes him from other bosses in Elden Ring. Historically, left-handedness was often stigmatized, associated with malevolence or misfortune, which could imply a darker or more ominous characterization for Messmer within the game's universe. However, considering Elden Ring's array of villains, many of whom are right-handed, this theory might not hold significant weight.


While the interpretation of Messmer's left-handedness as a marker of evil is speculative, it could also reflect broader themes of bias and discrimination, resonating with the game's deeper narratives. Given FromSoftware's reputation for nuanced storytelling and Elden Ring's rich lore, even small details like this invite speculation and deeper analysis. Whether Messmer's design choice carries a deeper meaning or is merely a stylistic decision remains an engaging topic for the game's community, highlighting the anticipation and depth of engagement surrounding Shadow of the Erdtree.