Epic Loot Awaits: Last Epoch Unveils Exclusive Twitch Drops Event – How to Unlock and Claim Your In-Game Treasures!

Last Epoch's Twitch Drops offer exclusive in-game freebies based on players' total watch time on the streaming platform. To unlock all available items, players must stream live content on Twitch after the full release of Last Epoch, keeping track of their watch time using the game and the Twitch app. This guide outlines the eligibility criteria for Twitch Drops and provides details on when players can claim them.

Prerequisites for Claiming Last Epoch Drops:

How to Unlock Twitch Drops in Last Epoch:

Epic Loot Awaits: Last Epoch Unveils Exclusive Twitch Drops Event – How to Unlock and Claim Your In-Game Treasures! 1

To receive all Twitch Drop rewards, players must link their Steam and Twitch accounts, allowing Twitch and Steam to track their total watch time. This will result in in-game rewards such as Mantles, item-seeking companions, and orbs.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to Last Epoch's Twitch drops page (provide the actual link).
  2. Login to a Twitch account.
  3. Login to the Steam account.
  4. Confirm both accounts.
  5. Launch Last Epoch once the 1.0 update is installed.
  6. Watch Last Epoch content on Twitch to receive rewards.

Players' watch time will be tallied, and rewards will be granted based on their time spent watching Last Epoch streamers on Twitch. Unlike most Twitch drops, Last Epoch aims to make it more accessible for players to earn rewards without extensive viewing hours.

How to Claim Last Epoch Twitch Drop Rewards:

Four prizes are available in the Last Epoch Twitch drops event. Players can earn each cosmetic item by watching Last Epoch content on Twitch. To claim rewards, players should go to the Drops tab under their Account and check the Inventory. Once earned, players can directly access the rewards in their Last Epoch inventory.

List Of All Last Epoch Twitch Drops:

Starting on February 22, players can claim one cosmetic item each day for four days, concluding on February 25. To earn these rewards, players must watch at least one hour of Last Epoch content daily. After reaching the one-hour mark, players receive the drop and can add it to their inventory.

Additionally, for those who miss the first week, Eleventh Hour Games provides a second chance with week two of the Twitch drops, running from February 29 to March 3, maintaining the same item order.

Collectible Items and Availability:

Week 1 - February 22nd - 25th

Week 2 - February 29th - March 3rd