Twitch Unleashes Controversy: Subscription Price Surge Sparks Backlash as Streamers and Viewers Question the Platform's Future

Twitch is set to raise subscription prices in certain countries from March 28, with the possibility of the United States also experiencing an increase. Twitch claims that these adjustments are intended to "help streamer revenue keep pace with rising costs" and to counteract inflation in various regions.

As a leading livestreaming platform, Twitch has faced increased competition in recent times, with emerging platforms like Kick and YouTube. Criticisms of Twitch's Partner program, community guidelines, and streamer earnings prompted notable streamers like Adin Ross and Pokimane to explore alternatives. However, Twitch is implementing positive changes, such as the updated Partner Plus program offering a 70/30 revenue split, compared to the previous 50/50.

A week prior to the closure of Twitch in South Korea, the company confirmed a $1 increase for Tier 1 subscription and gift sub prices in Australia and Canada, and a £1 increase in the UK, effective March 28. These adjustments aim to support streamer revenue and address escalating costs in these countries. The price increase will apply on desktop and mobile web browsers initially, with plans to extend the updated Tier 1 pricing to the mobile app in the coming months. Existing subscriptions in Australia, Canada, and the UK will automatically renew at the new price without any action required. According to Twitch chief monetization officer Mike Minton, the subscription price hike is likely to extend to the US due to the close tracking of Canadian and US currencies.

Revised Prices for Twitch Tier 1 Subscriptions:


Turkey will also witness price increases across all three Twitch tiers on March 28, with substantial increments of approximately 400%. Tier 1 subs will surge from TRY9.90 ($0.32) to TRY43.90 ($1.42), Tier 2 subs from TRY19.99 ($0.65) to TRY87.90 ($2.84), and Tier 3 subs from TRY49.99 ($1.62) to TRY215.90 ($6.98).

The response to the Twitch price hike has been largely negative on social media, with Twitter users expressing displeasure and seeking clarification from the company. Despite the positive changes introduced through Partner Plus, the community remains discontent with the trajectory Twitch is taking. Some of this discontent may stem from recent Twitch layoffs, contributing to a sense of frustration within the community.

Facing challenges like financial losses and increased competition, Twitch may continue implementing measures like price increases to retain top streamers and ensure financial stability. However, the growing frustration within the community and the allure of rival platforms pose potential obstacles to Twitch's long-term prospects.