Palworld's Hilarious Glitches: From Digivolution-like Expansions to Semi-transparent Giants

A gamer recently stumbled upon an amusing video showcasing a Cattiva's transformation into a colossal Pal during a boss encounter in Palworld. While the game is often likened to Pokemon, this particular clip evokes memories of Digimon, as the Pal dramatically increases in size after a whimsical aerial spin, resembling a "digivolution."

Since its early access launch last month, Palworld has garnered immense popularity, standing out as one of the most played titles on both Steam and Xbox Game Pass with over 19 million players, with 12 million copies sold on Steam alone. Despite its remarkable success, Palworld is currently riddled with amusing bugs, and some of these glitches provide humorous moments.

A gamer named Bananenklaus shared an entertaining Palworld video on Facebook, originally recorded by another player, Elias Cruz. The video captures a player utilizing a Cattiva against a Lv.50 Frostallion boss. Initially, the fight appears ordinary, but when the Cattiva is attacked, it takes flight and spins, reminiscent of a Digimon digivolution. Adding to the hilarity, the Cattiva expands significantly after ceasing its spin and swiftly defeats the boss. While this occurrence may be attributed to a glitch, as documented cases reveal Pals growing larger after attacks, some speculate the use of a mod by the original player to augment their Pal.


This isn't the sole instance of Palworld players encountering unexpectedly gigantic Pals. Another player recently uncovered a glitch where their Vixy ballooned in size upon returning to their base, reverting to normal only when placed back into the Pal Box, yet promptly growing again upon use. In a more peculiar bug, a player stumbled upon a massive semi-transparent Arsox in Palworld while flying on a Nitewing. The Arsox, visible from a distance, exhibited transparency as the player circled around it. While Pocket Pair is diligently addressing glitches in Palworld, it remains uncertain how long players will continue encountering these colossal and unexpected Pals.