Capturing and Breeding Blazamut in Palworld: A Guide

Palworld revolves around the capture and utilization of extraordinary Pokemon-like creatures known as Pals, employing their unique abilities to construct formidable bases and gain a strategic advantage in battles. While the majority of these Pals are readily attainable in Palworld, some stand out as particularly rare.

Among these rare finds is Blazamut, a formidable Fire element Pal boasting devastating attacks like Fire Ball, Ignis Rage, and Rock Lance. Acquiring the powers of Blazamut requires players to capture it, a task that demands courage in venturing into the volcanic regions of the map. Alternatively, players can opt for the more accessible route of breeding Blazamut once the Breeding Farm is established.

Capturing and Breeding Blazamut in Palworld: A Guide 1

Breeding proves to be a straightforward method for obtaining Pals in the game, with each Pal having specific breeding combinations that generate Eggs when executed correctly. In the case of Blazamut, there are two distinct breeding pairs:

  1. Blazamut X Blazamut
  2. Blazamut X Suzaku Aqua

To find and capture Blazamut, players must explore multiple locations within the open world. The Scorching Mineshaft in the volcanic region and the No 3 Wildlife Sanctuary on the northeastern edge of the map are two prominent locations where Blazamut can be encountered. Since Blazamut roams, players must thoroughly explore these areas to locate and engage it in battle. Using a Pal Sphere, players can capture Blazamut after defeating it. It is crucial to exploit the elemental advantage by employing Water Element Pals such as Penking or Relaxaurus, as water prevails over fire in Palworld. Care must be taken not to defeat Blazamut during the battle, as incapacitated Pals serve no purpose.

Capturing and Breeding Blazamut in Palworld: A Guide 2

Acquiring Suzaku Aqua introduces an additional layer of complexity, as this Pal is not readily available on the map and must be bred. Suzaku Aqua's sole breeding pair involves Suzaku and Jormuntide. While players have the option to use the Blazamut X Suzaku Aqua pair, this introduces additional complications, and they may choose the alternative combination.

To breed Blazamut, players need two Blazamut of opposite genders. Placing both Pals in the Breeding Farm and providing Cake initiates the breeding process. Subsequently, players obtain the egg and await its hatching. Employing an Egg Incubator expedites the hatching process, allowing players to welcome their new Pal at the earliest convenience.