Unveiling The Last of Us Part 3: Neil Druckmann's Vision for the Next Chapter Emerges in Grounded 2 Documentary!

The documentary Grounded 2, delving into the making of The Last of Us Part 2, premiered on February 2, offering insights into a potential sequel. Neil Druckmann, the creative mind behind the series, shared details about his progress in crafting the narrative for the third installment.

In the summer of 2023, leaks suggested that The Last of Us Part 3 would explore the journey of a new group of survivors alongside or intersecting with Ellie, who remains a pivotal character. It's important to note that these leaks remain unverified and could be entirely fabricated, urging users to approach them cautiously. However, Druckmann himself has provided more reliable information about his ongoing efforts in shaping the future of The Last of Us.

During the conclusion of Grounded 2, Druckmann revealed the challenges he faced in conceptualizing The Last of Us Part 3 over the years. Recently, he successfully formulated an idea that he deems a fitting continuation of the second game. While maintaining its individuality, the proposed concept aligns with the overarching themes of love and justice from the preceding titles. Druckmann refrained from divulging specific details about the storyline, emphasizing that the project is currently in the conceptual stage. While Ellie's presence in the third installment seems likely, speculation abounds regarding the potential introduction of new characters or a time jump.


Druckmann did not outright confirm the development of The Last of Us Part 3 but hinted at the existence of "probably one more chapter to this story." Reflecting on The Last of Us Part 2's conclusion, Druckmann acknowledged its thematic closure and initially questioned the necessity of a third game. However, his newfound excitement for the fresh concept suggests a renewed enthusiasm for delivering a third installment, equating its appeal to the acclaimed masterpieces of the first two games.

Notably, Druckmann had previously expressed interest in exploring a narrative centered around Tommy, Joel's brother. Contrary to initial reports suggesting it might be the focus of the third title, Druckmann clarified during Grounded 2 that the Tommy-centric idea was never intended as a mainline game. Instead, it might manifest as a smaller project, possibly evolving into a scaled-down game or even a show.