Unveiling the Depths: GTA Online's Submarine Secrets Revealed as Players Discover Subtle Underwater Phenomenon

In the vast expanse of Grand Theft Auto Online's underwater world, a keen-eyed player has unearthed a subtle yet fascinating detail about the game's submarines. As these vehicles plunge to extreme depths, a previously unnoticed phenomenon comes to light – the hulls visibly warp and distort under intense pressure. Despite the different submersibles in GTA Online varying in speed, durability, and performance, they all share a common limitation: a maximum diving depth of 500 feet. Beyond this threshold, the pilot meets an instant demise.

While the 500-foot limit poses a barrier to undersea exploration, determined treasure hunters can still unveil a plethora of secrets beneath the game's oceans. Hidden Caches brimming with valuable loot and unique underwater Easter eggs, like the crashed UFO at the depths of Paleto Bay, await those who venture into the abyss.

Although many players have delved into the depths of GTA Online, the recent revelation by Reddit user ZonkedWizard sheds light on a nuanced aspect of submersibles that had largely gone unnoticed. ZonkedWizard's post features a video showcasing the interior of a Kraken submersible near its maximum diving depth. In this footage, the walls of the vehicle subtly warp and contort, presumably responding to the extreme water pressure. To witness this phenomenon, players must acquire their own submersibles, some of which stand out as premier vehicles in GTA Online.


The comments on ZonkedWizard's post delve into discussions about various secrets and Easter eggs concealed beneath the game's oceans. Notably, an underwater hatch emitting a rhythmic knocking sound sparks intrigue, revealing a secret Morse Code message: "Hey, you never call, how'd you fancy going bowling?" – a nod to GTA 4's character Roman Bellic. Several commenters express surprise that, despite GTA Online turning a decade old, the 500-foot crush depth feature remains relatively unknown.

While the crush depth limitation is well-documented, ZonkedWizard's post introduces a novel revelation – the visual depiction of submarine hulls warping under pressure. This small yet intriguing discovery underscores the developers' meticulous attention to detail in crafting the beloved game's world. As players continue to invest deeply in GTA Online, the potential challenge for GTA 6's online mode lies in persuading dedicated players to embrace a new iteration where they must start anew.