Revolutionizing Ranked Play: Apex Legends Unleashes Game-Changing Updates to Promotional Trials, but the Community Demands More

In a significant update to Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has made adjustments to the stringent requirements of Promotional Trials for ranking up. Originally introduced to enhance the overall matchmaking experience, Promotional Trials have faced criticism from players since their inception.

Part of the Season 19 update, Promotional Trials added extra challenges for players to overcome in order to progress through ranks. Despite accumulating the required LP, players had to meet specific Promotional Trials objectives for advancement, ensuring a skill-appropriate matchmaking experience.

Respawn Entertainment recently announced on Twitter that some Promotional Trials in Apex Legends Ranked will now be easier to achieve. For players who have already surpassed the adjusted thresholds, participating in another ranked match will automatically update their objectives and, consequently, their rank.


While the update eases certain aspects of Promotional Trials, it's crucial to note its limitations. The primary objective remains unchanged; the adjustments focus on alternative objectives, requiring fewer top 5 finishes for progression. This modification benefits players up to the Diamond rank, as alternative objectives aren't applicable beyond that level. For those competing at Diamond and above, the stringent requirement to win a ranked match remains unaltered.

The community response to the update has been mixed, with some advocating for the complete removal of Promotional Trials instead of mere tweaks. Initially introduced to address passive gameplay ("ratters"), concerns have been raised that the issue has exacerbated with the introduction of Promotional Trials. The need for a win and multiple top 5 finishes encourages overly cautious play, hindering team coordination. As it stands, many in the community express a desire to revert to Apex Legends' Season 13 ranking system, considered by some as the pinnacle of Ranked Apex Legends.