The current promo codes for Roblox in January 2024

Roblox is a well-known online game, reminiscent of Minecraft, where players can unleash their creative ideas. The platform allows users to create their virtual worlds and design mini-games within them.As of April 2021, Roblox has over 202 million active monthly users.

Roblox offers promo codes that enhance a character's appearance through cosmetic elements. These codes are free but have a limited period of activation. They also do not require Robux, which is acquired separately.

Working promo codes for Roblox in January 2024 are available. Note that some codes might be outdated. The information will be updated as new promo codes for Roblox become available.

Promo codes for Roblox:

KROGERDAYS2021: Golf goggles

ROBLOXEDU2021: keyboard on the back

SPIDERCOLA: free Spider Cola

TWEETROBLOX: Twitter mascot

Roblox also features numerous separate servers with mini-games, each having its own set of promo codes:

Promo codes for Roblox Zombie Strike:

ARENA: 1500 caps

COOL: 1500 caps

COWBOY: 1500 caps

EVIL: 1500 capsgoblin: 1500 caps

LOOT: 1500 caps

PRIZE: 1500 caps

Strike: 1500 caps

TRANSRIGHTS: extra weapon

ZOMBIE: extra weapon

Promo codes for Roblox Warrior Simulator:

63MILLION: 50k coins

SnugLife: free starter pet

winterwarrior: 50k coins

ActiveWizard20k: 150k coins

joineddiscord: 800k coins

73M1LL1ON: 100k coins

Promo codes for Roblox Toy Clicking Simulator:

CLOVERPET: Saint Patrick's pet

Update45: 15-minute double luck boost

Update44: 15-minute double luck boost

Bubbles: 15-minute double egg hatching speed

InstantDarkMatter: 15-minute double egg hatching speed

7MEvent: 15-minute double egg hatching speed

StPatricksDayEvent: 15-minute double egg hatching speed

Update16: 6-hour double egg hatching speed

To activate promo codes in Roblox, access the official game website, log into your account, input the code in the designated field, and activate it by clicking the green button. The acquired items will be available in your inventory.

The current promo codes for Roblox in January 2024 1