Revving Up the Chaos: Fortnite Leak Teases Potential Vehicle Hijacking Mechanic in Chapter 5

A recent leak has unveiled the possibility of a new vehicle mechanic making its way to Fortnite soon. If implemented, this addition is expected to introduce an element of unpredictability and chaos to the driving experience in the game.

The evolution of controllable vehicles in Fortnite has been quite remarkable. In the early seasons of Battle Royale, the game lacked drivable vehicles, despite their prevalence in other popular battle royale titles. The introduction of shopping carts in Season 4 marked players' first interaction with drivable vehicles, albeit with limited control only when pushing, not while riding. The subsequent season addressed this limitation with the inclusion of the All Terrain Kart (ATK), and various drivable vehicles have been introduced since then.

According to a recent leak report from Twitter user Loolo_WRLD, Epic Games is reportedly working on a gameplay system for Chapter 5 that enables players to hijack other players' vehicles in Fortnite. The leak suggests potential limitations to hijacking, indicating that players may fail if the vehicle is moving too fast, navigating a sharp turn, or involved in a crash.


Fortnite, known for its diverse and entertaining activities beyond the battle for victory, has seen players creatively utilizing vehicles since the introduction of shopping carts. The ability to hijack vehicles, if introduced, is expected to spawn inventive strategies and memorable gameplay moments.

While Epic Games has not officially confirmed this new mechanic for Fortnite, the leak holds a degree of credibility, suggesting it could be a noteworthy addition rather than a game-changing feature. Although unconfirmed, the prospect of vehicle hijacking adds an intriguing element to the Fortnite experience.