Starfield's Hilarious Glitch: Intimate Encounter with Andreja Takes Over the Screen in Bethesda's Space Epic

A Starfield player recently stumbled upon a peculiar bug where the character Andreja dominates the screen during a dialogue exchange. The player shared their discovery of this glitch online, showcasing an extreme close-up of Andreja's face, the Starfield Constellation companion, intruding on the player's screen.

The prevalence of bugs and glitches in Starfield comes as no surprise, with players consistently encountering various issues in Bethesda's expansive space game. Despite ongoing updates aimed at introducing new features and fixing bugs, Starfield still grapples with notorious glitches that impact gameplay on both a significant and minor scale. In this particular case, a player experienced a gameplay anomaly involving one of the game's companions behaving oddly towards the player character.

During the "Into the Unknown" quest in Starfield, Reddit user james___uk captured a moment where Andreja approached their character after interacting with an Artifact. Andreja, one of the four romanceable characters in Starfield, expresses concern about the player following the strange Artifact encounter. However, in an unintended turn of events, Andreja occupies the entire screen, showcasing her facial features up close as she engages in conversation with the player, invading their personal space.


The Reddit post garnered humorous comments highlighting the intensity of the glitch. While users jokingly discussed the issue, some pointed out additional problems when interacting with Andreja in the game. One user humorously mentioned, "Every time I open a locker, she walks directly between me and the locker. I hope they fix that." Others referenced similar issues with Sam Coe in Starfield, where his character model would sporadically appear and disappear during fight scenes.

This particular glitch has been reported by other Starfield players as well. The footage, though amusing, adds to the growing list of entertaining and comical Starfield glitches. Bethesda has a history of dealing with unfixed bugs in their published titles, and Starfield seems to follow suit.

Looking ahead, it remains uncertain whether Bethesda will address the Andreja issue and numerous other bugs reported by players. Despite an ambitious roadmap for Starfield in 2024, players might encounter additional issues before the next update is rolled out.