Silencing the Clatter: GBFVR's Pan Weapon Takes Center Stage as Esports Organizers Ban the Noise in Tournaments!

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising offers players a range of entertaining features that encourage creativity, with custom weapon skins being one of the standout options. This feature allows players to go beyond their character's default arms, enabling them to alter the appearance and sound of their weapons. However, an upcoming tournament is facing issues as the GBFVR pan weapon has been prohibited for use.

The Pan weapon, a whimsical weapon skin, replaces the character's weapon with a standard kitchen pan, a comedic item familiar from games like PUBG. Despite its playful nature, the use of the Pan weapon in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising has resulted in its prohibition from the upcoming Combo Breaker event. Until future GBFVR patch notes address this issue, it appears that a weapon skin has become one of the game's unexpectedly problematic elements. The question remains: Why is a pan disrupting the meta of this fighting game?

Silencing the Clatter: GBFVR's Pan Weapon Takes Center Stage as Esports Organizers Ban the Noise in Tournaments! 1

GBFVR Pan Weapon Banned in Tournaments: Unusual Measures Taken by Esports Organizers

In recent developments within the realm of fighting game esports, organizers have taken an unprecedented step by banning a kitchen pan weapon skin. The question arises: Why is this particular weapon deemed unfair in competitive play? In the world of fighting games, players often seek any advantage they can gain, and the frying pan weapon skin happens to provide a significant one – it makes noise.

Upon successfully landing a hit on an opponent, the GBFVR pan weapon emits a distinctive sound, absent during a block. This auditory cue serves as a clear indicator of a successful hit. In the competitive arena of fighting games, this provides players with instant feedback on the effectiveness of their moves. Compared to players using standard weapon skins, those wielding the pan enjoy a distinct advantage, as the noise omission during a block simplifies gameplay comprehension.

This inherent advantage for users of the kitchen pan has created a ripple effect in tournaments for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, with events already populating the calendar. It wouldn't be surprising to witness additional tournaments taking similar measures to prohibit the use of this weapon skin in competitive play.