Rebel Wolves Unveils Dawnwalker: Former CD Projekt Red Developers Tease a Vampire-Themed RPG Adventure!

Rebel Wolves, a recently established game development studio comprised mostly of former CD Projekt Red developers, has officially unveiled its upcoming title, Dawnwalker. Alongside the game's announcement, the team shared a visually striking wallpaper that provides subtle insights into the thematic elements of Dawnwalker.

Since the release of Cyberpunk 2077, several groups of former CD Projekt Red developers have departed from the company to embark on independent projects. One such faction has formed Rebel Wolves, focusing on creating an apocalyptic game with a strong emphasis on character development. Another group, originating in early 2022, has now given the public a glimpse of its forthcoming project.

Addressing circulating rumors about their inaugural venture, Rebel Wolves confirmed via Twitter, "Yes, we are working on Dawnwalker!" The accompanying wallpaper depicts a character mid-leap, brandishing a sword, with a distinctly monstrous left hand. The crimson hue of the image, the peculiar hand, and the game's title have fueled speculation that Dawnwalker may revolve around a vampire theme. The term "Daywalker", denoting vampire-human hybrids capable of sunlight exposure, has been suggested by some fans. While speculation persists, the monstrous hand and blood-centric imagery have strengthened the belief that Dawnwalker may indeed explore vampire lore.


Almost a year ago, Rebel Wolves had disclosed that their new game would be a dark fantasy RPG set in a medieval-like era. With the recent announcement, it appears likely that Dawnwalker is a fantasy RPG situated in a Middle Age-inspired world, potentially casting players in the role of a vampire. However, it's essential to note that this remains speculative.

Considering the involvement of Rebel Wolves' developers in The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion, a vampire-themed storyline in that DLC might serve as inspiration for Dawnwalker. Although Dawnwalker is expected to be distinct from Blood and Wine, parallels could be drawn in terms of thematic elements.

Given the tumultuous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 and its problematic development, studios like Rebel Wolves may adopt a more cautious approach, prioritizing the delivery of a polished product. The extent to which Dawnwalker will resemble games like The Witcher remains uncertain, and fans may have to wait for further details.