Palworld Mastery: Unveiling the Art of Curing 'Depressed' Status for a Happier and Productive Pocket Monster Team!

Palworld offers players the opportunity to collect a diverse array of unique Pals for use in resource factories, but it comes with the responsibility of caring for these pocket companions. Pals can fall ill or even experience depression, resembling Depresso in appearance, leading to increased fatigue and decreased work efficiency. Understanding how to remedy the Depressed status in Palworld is crucial for maintaining a productive and happy team of Pals.

While Depressed may initially seem comparable to Injury or Hunger statuses, it is, in fact, a more severe condition that proves challenging to cure. In Palworld, there is only one method to address this condition effectively.

How to Cure the Depressed Status in Palworld

Palworld Mastery: Unveiling the Art of Curing 'Depressed' Status for a Happier and Productive Pocket Monster Team! 1

Depressed represents one of the most detrimental statuses for Pals, arising when their Sanity is depleted during production activities. If a cherished Pal succumbs to the Depressed status, the exclusive remedy is the use of High Grade Medical Supplies.

To craft High Grade Medical Supplies, players must attain level 12 in the Technology tree, unlocking the Medieval Medicine Workbench. Constructing this workbench requires the following resources:

Once the workbench is established at the base, players can create a variety of medicines, including the essential High Grade Medical Supplies. To produce this vital item, resource gathering is essential:

With these components, craft the High Grade Medical Supplies to effectively treat the Depressed status in Palworld. To administer the cure, approach the affected Pal and feed them the medicine. If the Depressed Pal is part of your active party, open your inventory and select the recipient for the Medical Supplies. It's important to note that attempting to cure a Depressed Pal left in the Palbox will prove unsuccessful.

Armed with this knowledge, players can proactively manage their Pals' well-being in Palworld by crafting and administering the necessary medicines, ensuring a cheerful and efficient team of pocket monsters.