Palworld Fan's Epic Mecha Katress: A Robotic Twist Redefining Virtual Creatures!

A Palworld enthusiast has taken creativity to new heights by designing a mecha version of the popular Pal, Katress. Since its January 2024 release, the RPG has captivated players with its imaginative base building element, prompting fans to extend their talents beyond the virtual realm.

Katress, a nocturnal and dungeon-dwelling Dark-type Pal, plays a vital role in Palworld. When employed at a Base, Katress tirelessly works throughout the night without requiring a bed. Inspired by this feline-like Pal, a Redditor named shunixe shared an impressive piece of artwork featuring an alternate robotic form.


Shunixe's mecha Katress art retains the creature's distinctive features, including the signature witch hat and collar on its robe that conceals its mouth. The artwork has garnered popularity among Palworld fans, amassing over 2,000 upvotes on Reddit. Enthusiastic commenters expressed their admiration for Katress, with some expressing a desire to see the robot form officially integrated into the game. One gamer even envisioned the possibility of a mod that transforms Pal creatures into mechs.

Shunixe is no stranger to transforming video game characters, having previously created mecha versions of various Pokemon, such as Greninja, Eevee, and Skarmory. The artist skillfully maintains recognizable aspects of these critters while infusing a robotic aesthetic. The artwork provides a fresh perspective on beloved characters, leaving gamers eager to discover which critter shunixe will reimagine into a mecha form next—be it a Pokemon, Pal, or an entirely different entity.