Ground Zero, a densely built urban area, is now available in the game Escape From Tarkov

The survival shooter game "Escape from Tarkov" released a major update this week, featuring a new urban area, weapons, a new boss, and a shoreline overhaul. The primary addition is Ground Zero, a sprawling downtown area filled with skyscrapers and furnished with banks, cafes, restaurants, stores, pharmacies, and more.

The new weapons introduced in the game cater to the preferences of firearm enthusiasts. Among the additions is the SIG MCX SPEAR rifle—a more accessible "civilian" version of the US Army's latest XM7 assault rifle.

This update brings in the ability to vault obstacles, delighting all Tarkov players who can now conquer their greatest foes: a few boxes or a knee-high wall.

Ground Zero, the new urban district, offers similar exploration areas to last year's Streets of Tarkov map but is geared towards beginner players between levels 1 and 20. Seasoned players won't have access. Additionally, new introductory quests take place there, accompanied by special visual cues for newcomers.

Despite encountering significant technical issues upon release, including login and gameplay problems, the development team resolved these issues through a technical update to address client-side issues, as reported on "Tarkov's" Twitter account.

This update also includes a substantial rework of the hitbox and armor systems. The head now features separate hit zones for different areas of head armor, mirroring the detailed new armor system applied to other body parts. The new armor boasts 37(!) ballistic plates for various body sections and introduces a new repair system for integrated armor in various equipment pieces like helmets.

The trailer for the 0.14 update of "Escape from Tarkov" is available above or on YouTube, while the complete patch notes for 0.14 can be found on the "Tarkov" website, where additional information about the game is also provided.