Genshin Impact Leaks Unveil Chiori's Kit and Anticipated Release in Version 4.5

Recent leaks in the Genshin Impact community shed light on the upcoming character Chiori, set to be the sole addition in version 4.5. These leaks not only disclose details about her anticipated release but also provide insights into her unique skill set.

Chiori's arrival in version 4.5 aligns with an event promoting reruns of Ayato and Kamisato Ayaka. As the central figure in this version, players can expect to delve into fresh details about the Fontaine arc. Genshin Impact's roadmap hints at a content-packed future, promising time-limited events, engaging story quests, and the introduction of playable characters like Adeptus and Harbingers, including Columbina and Xianyun.

Leaked information from reliable sources such as PTL and Mr. White outlines Chiori's role as a five-star off-field support character. Collaborating seamlessly with Albedo, Chiori's elemental skill inflicts instant Geo damage, while her burst ability buffs the entire party through the activation of Crystallise. As a Geo character, her gameplay dynamics will revolve around elemental reactions, enhancing team capabilities and providing elemental shields that absorb damage.


Chiori's debut in version 4.5 is anticipated for mid-March, although the leak does not specify the phase in which her banner will be introduced. Described as a Crystallise-focused character, Chiori's elemental reaction triggers when Geo damage is dealt to targets with Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo debuffs. This mechanism aims to augment team synergy and fortify defenses with elemental shields.

The upcoming version 4.3 of Genshin Impact will offer players a chance to acquire the four-star Claymore user Gaming as a free unit during the Lantern Rite Festival. Alongside him, players can expect his signature weapon and a significant number of Primogems, adding to the excitement of character and weapon expansions in the Genshin Impact universe.