Enigmatic Resurrections: Red Dead Redemption 2 Unveils Mysterious Encounters with a Revive Gun

A Red Dead Redemption 2 enthusiast showcased a peculiar moment where they resurrected a hanging corpse using a revive gun. Despite the game's abundance of lifeless bodies, this reanimated spectacle stands out as one of the oddest encounters.

Following the PC launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, players were granted additional benefits such as enhanced visuals, multi-monitor support, and an FOV slider. Among the multitude of mods available for the game, one intriguing addition is the "Resurrect NPCs" mod, featuring a revive gun that allows gamers to bring deceased non-playable characters back to life. In a captivating video shared by popular Twitch streamer SWOL, the gamer experimented with the revive gun on a hanging corpse, leading to an unexpected outcome.

The footage begins with SWOL speculating on the possible reactions of the hanging corpse to the gunshot. After an initial shot yields no response, a second shot brings the corpse to life, causing it to sway frantically from side to side. Subsequent shots at the ropes suspending the body prompt it to run away, despite its lack of legs and head. The legless corpse, animated with perfectly functional arms, floats across the open-world landscape. SWOL humorously questions how the headless and legless entity manages to outrun the protagonist, Arthur.

While using the Resurrect NPCs mod, players can access the revive gun from the Give Weapon menu, where it is initially set to "off." Activating the gun enables players to revive any deceased NPC, with the resurrected characters behaving like standard Red Dead Redemption 2 NPCs despite their grim appearance, bloodstains, or missing limbs. Fans have suggested experimenting with the revive gun on other in-game scenarios, including frozen characters and NPCs caught in compromising situations.

As the game world is filled with numerous lifeless bodies, the potential for even stranger encounters using the revive gun remains, showcasing an unintended yet fascinating aspect of Rockstar Games' NPC programming.