Ellie battles infected in the No Return mode in the remaster of The Last of Us Part II

Sony has decided to remind about the upcoming release of The Last of Us Part II Remastered by releasing a video showcasing snippets of the No Return gameplay mode. In this survival mode, crafted in a roguelike style, franchise characters battle infected enemies, starting with only basic equipment.

Throughout the game, characters scavenge for resources, upgrade their weaponry, and gather various items crucial for the battles. It's worth noting that in the No Return mode, players only have one life, so upon a character's death, they'll need to start the game anew.

The pre-load for the remaster will be available on January 12th. The release date for The Last of Us Part II Remastered is set for January 19, 2024. Owners of the original PS4 version will be able to upgrade to the remaster after its official release for a fee of 10 dollars.