The developers behind Marvel's Spider-Man 2 have revealed the gameplay trailer

An exhilarating gameplay experience of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was showcased at PlayStation Showcase. Devoted fans eagerly await the release of new details and have already begun comparing the game to its enhanced predecessor. It seems that Insomniac Games will soon delight players with fresh information.

The studio shared this news on social media. The developers were captivated by the players' reactions to the new footage and plan to share even more information in the near future. They intend to reveal news about pre-orders, a potential September release date, and special features of the game. It is worth mentioning that Sony is developing a controller for individuals with limited abilities.

Earlier, it was revealed that the exclusivity of Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5 allowed the developers to make no compromises. The creators firmly believe that the project will become the studio's finest game. It has also been announced that the game will feature Russian voice acting. While waiting for the release, fans are encouraged to explore the offered free prequel comic.