The developers of Diablo 4 promise to fix issues with the Necromancer

The open server testing of Diablo 4, which took place from May 12th to 14th, received negative feedback from players. The developers managed to address the class balance issues after the main testing phase, but they may have gone a bit too far in some aspects.

Rod Ferguson, the General Manager of Diablo at Blizzard, stated that they are already working on fixing the behavior of the Necromancer's skeletons. After the April patch, they became excessively weak and vulnerable. While players have the ability to strengthen them at higher levels, the Necromancer's main skill becomes ineffective during the leveling process.

Ferguson also acknowledged the issue of the low drop rate of legendary items from goblins. They are preparing a special patch to address this problem by the time of the game's release. He also assured players that the game will not introduce "pay-to-win" elements, mentioning his positive experience playing as the Druid class. However, not all hero development features will be available in the beta version.

Lastly, Ferguson hinted at something epic, stating that the company will release an amazing video that will appeal to all mythology fans. However, Blizzard has already released a video showcasing the story development and stated that there won't be any more trailers until the release. It's possible that the Diablo director may have made a mistake with the dates.