More than 8.4 million copies of the game "Horizon Forbidden West" have been sold

Guerrilla Games recently announced in a post on the PlayStation blog, celebrating the company's 20th anniversary, that the Horizon franchise has achieved impressive results with over 32.7 million copies sold worldwide as of April 16, 2023. Of these, more than 8.4 million copies were sold due to the game Horizon Forbidden West, which was released last year for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Guerrilla Games noted that millions of players worldwide have discovered Horizon thanks to various PlayStation services, including PlayStation Plus and Play at Home. The developers expressed their gratitude to the community for their continued love and support of the franchise. They emphasized that this milestone was something they couldn't have imagined possible twenty years ago when they began making games.

The Burning Shores expansion, which was released last month, offers new extensive areas to explore, characters, and new story content. In a review for NME, Dominic Preston noted that the developers have trimmed down some elements in Forbidden West in this expansion to help easily distracted players keep their focus on the main adventure.

Guerrilla Games expressed their gratitude to the community for their continued support of the Horizon franchise and emphasized that they are happy to see this support every day by sharing fan art and cosplay with the community.