The Hogwarts Legacy development team has launched a fresh patch that includes over 500 bug fixes and introduces an arachnophobia mode to the game

The latest update for Hogwarts Legacy includes an arachnophobia mode, which is available in the game's accessibility options. It changes the appearance of spiders, making them less intimidating by turning them into roller skates.

The mode also reduces or completely removes spider sounds and movements, eliminates the spawning of new spiders, and makes static spider corpses invisible. The development team at Avalanche emphasized that collisions are still active to prevent players from getting stuck while using this mode. Spider images in the user manual remain unchanged.

The update for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC also adds support for the new Professor Ronen cosmetic set, which can be obtained through Twitch drops, and includes numerous fixes.

The arrival of Hogwarts Legacy's first major update in almost two months coincides with the game's release for PS4 and Xbox One today. We hope players will enjoy the new arachnophobia mode and the updates added to the game!