The main character of Persona 5 Royal changed gender thanks to a new mod

Modder with the nickname chlorophylls continues to surprise players with his innovations. This time he changed the gender of the main character in Persona 5 Royal and added new dialogues, storylines, and even wardrobe elements. The mod turned out to be so extensive that the voiceover was changed in both languages - English and Japanese.

One of the key features of the mod is new romantic storylines with characters Ryuji, Yusuke, Mishima, and Akechi. However, the original romance options with Ann, Takemi, Hifumi, and Haru are still available.

Although the game could not be completely remade, fans note that the updated version turned out to be much better than the original. It's nice to see enthusiasts like chlorophylls becoming increasingly popular, as games sometimes need a fresh perspective.