The developers of the game Portal Knights have unveiled their new project, a survival-action RPG titled Enshrouded

Keen Games, the developer behind the adventure game Portal Knights, has unveiled their new project - a survival-based action RPG called Enshrouded.

The game will be available in early access on Steam later this year.Enshrouded is set in a world that is gradually crumbling. Once a land of magic and beauty, it is now overrun by mutated humans controlled by a dangerous mist.

The last hope of the dying civilization lies with the Flameborn - warriors who have awoken to embark on a journey through the vast world, facing numerous challenges along the way as they strive to reclaim their kingdom.

Players can take on the role of the Flameborn and engage in thrilling exploration, participate in exciting battles against dangerous foes, save legendary craftsmen who will aid in building grand halls, utilize an extensive crafting system, and much more. Enshrouded's developers also promise a cooperative mode supporting up to 16 players.