An insider spoke about the plot of the new part of BioShock

Oops Leaks tweeted information about a possible plot for the new BioShock. Insiders have shared a presentation of a new game, in the center of the plot of which will be the feud between the two cities.

BioShock's leitmotif could be the ideological struggle between the two cities. The first will be on the surface and represent the stronghold of freedom and democracy, while the second will be located directly below it and will be turned over, and will be ruled by a dictator. These cities will have a common border zone. Note that a similar concept, incidentally, is used in the series "Arcane".

The owner of the Oops Leaks page shared other details about the next part of BioShock. He announced that the game will be called BioShock Isolation and will be implemented on the Unreal Engine 5. Experienced developers from the Irrational Games studio, as well as the creators of Watch Dogs: Legion, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Mafia III and Deus Ex, are involved in the project: Mankind Divided. The game is expected to be presented early next year.