Faze Clan generates revenue solely from two teams, and none of them includes a CS:GO team

Nordan "Rain" Shat, one of the founders of FaZe Clan, has shared information about the organization's expenses across different disciplines. It turns out that out of the 11 disciplines, only PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty generate revenue. Interestingly, despite the CS:GO team recently winning the Intel Grand Slam with a prize of $1 million, they still remain in a deficit.

Shat mentioned that these figures represent expenses for only one month but did not specify which month exactly. He also criticized the club's management and president, Zak Katz, suggesting that they have made suboptimal decisions.

Here are the expenses of FaZe Clan for each discipline and additional details:

Despite the financial losses, FaZe Clan currently has no plans for further staff reductions or team restructuring.