Epic Games and the LEGO Group team up to create their own metaverse

Epic Games has announced a multi-year partnership with the LEGO Group. As part of the partnership, the parties will work to create their own metaverse that will offer an immersive, creatively inspiring and engaging digital experience for children of all ages.

The initiative reportedly will give children access to tools that will enable them to become confident creators and provide amazing opportunities to play in a safe and positive space.

Niels B Christiansen, CEO of The LEGO Group: "Kids love to play in both the virtual and real worlds and move easily from one to the other. We believe that digital services have great potential. They will help children develop their communication skills, creativity and collaboration. We have a responsibility to protect and inspire children. We have been advocating for children's rights to play safely in the real world for years, and we look forward to doing the same in virtual worlds. We look forward to working with Epic Games."

The LEGO Group and Epic Games have agreed on three principles to ensure the safe use of the digital spaces they develop:

Tim Sweeney, CEO and Founder of Epic Games: "The LEGO Group has captured the imaginations of kids and adults alike with creative play for almost a century, and we're thrilled to be uniting to build a fun, entertaining space in the Metaverse for kids and families."

The LEGO Group and Epic Games are expected to combine their vast experience to ensure that this next iteration of the internet is designed from the ground up with children's well-being in mind.