Pittsburgh Knights to launch their own NFT collection

North American esports organization Pittsburgh Knights has announced a partnership with blockchain company Theta Labs to launch its own NFT collection. The club will be working with Theta Labs on a series of four NFT drops in 2022, the first of which will be released in April. NFTs will be available for purchase on ThetaDrop.

The Pittsburgh Knights said that NFT holders will receive many benefits, including a dedicated merchandise store, premium video content, and private chat with selected members of the organization. At the same time, the Pittsburgh Knights did not specify the number of NFTs that will be released to the masses.

Matt Roche, director of business development at the Pittsburgh Knights: "As an organization, our main goal is to share opportunities and access with game fans - this is what we do with our events, community programs, and now with Theta Labs, we will be able to do it's with NFT. We're really looking forward to providing gaming-focused digital tokens for the esports community to get them to participate in the NFT experience in a way that really speaks to them."

The Pittsburgh Knights organization is currently represented in several esports disciplines including Halo, VALORANT, and PUBG Mobile. The organization is also supported by rapper Wiz Khalifa and a number of other high-profile investors. The partnership with Theta Labs is reportedly the first of its kind for the Pittsburgh Knights.