MAD Lions partners with Zilliqa

Spanish esports organization MAD Lions has announced a multi-year partnership with Zilliqa. The deal is reportedly the organization's largest to date and will provide MAD Lions with the opportunity to create their own metaverse. The partnership was officially announced by OverActive Media, parent company of MAD Lions, Toronto Ultra and Toronto Defiant.

The Zilliqa branding will also be displayed on the jerseys of MAD Lions players and content creators. In addition, the company's branding will be integrated into the club's social networks.

Jorge Shnura, Vice President of Strategy at OverActive Media: "Partnering with Zilliqa opens the door for us to provide an enhanced experience for our fans in the metaverse. Their technical expertise, combined with our ability to attract fans, allows us to access a new dimension of entertainment. We are also proud by partnering with a brand in this space that is committed to sustainability."

The partnership will last at least five years and will include a number of activations within the metaverse. MAD Lions did not share specific details about the finances of the deal, but a "significant portion" of the funds was paid out in Zilliqa's native currency, ZIL.

Ben Livshitz, CEO of Zilliqa: "MAD Lions already have a large and loyal following, so we're excited to have them enter our metaverse and give them the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences for their fans."

It is noted that the MAD Lions community will have access to exclusive fan events in the metaverse of the organization, including party viewing and giveaways. Previously, Zilliqa collaborated with the Swedish esports organization Ninjas in Pajamas.