Mikhail Kane Blagin addressed the Russian people

Mikhail Kane Blagin addressed the Russian people in the morning. All yesterday, all night and in the morning (at the time of the appeal), the city of Kharkov was subjected to massive shelling from Grad multiple launch rocket systems. Russian troops are shelling entire residential areas of Kharkiv, where there is no critical infrastructure, where there are no[UkrainianArmedForces]positions that the Russians could aim at. Shelling is underway in the areas of Alekseevka, Saltovka, Pavlovo Pole. This happens during the day when people go to pharmacies, for food, for drinking water. Russia is using a heavy artillery gun!

Hello everyone guys. I am on the square of the city of Kharkov until the "Russian world" came here, as some say the "Nazis" did not launch rockets here, but in fact we know that the Russian people did it - the "Russian world". I want to convey to everyone in my address.

For me, there are a number of the most important principles

  • You can't kill people, you can't, just DON'T do it. Now the Russian army has come and is killing people here, not only the military, just civilians, they are simply destroying cities. Ruined many lives, they broke the main rule, rule number 1. If you ask why they hate you? I will explain to you exactly for this.
  • Fascism is the most terrible manifestation of government in the world, and now the Russians, he is in your camp, he rules you. Putin is a fascist, the fact that he is Khuilo is already clear to everyone, but he is a real fascist, and you understand, you can’t leave it like that. This is not about rallies, there is no need to hold a rally, if you are controlled by a fascist, if he is a criminal and he kills people, do you think you need to go to a rally? No, this is not at all about that. Guys, fascism is when human rights are oppressed, when they do not tell the truth, when people are forced to kill other people - this is fascism! And he is Russians in your country. My grandfather, your grandfathers, millions of people died for this not to happen, and now it is in your country. Russia GET UP!

Due to constant shelling, rescuers cannot provide assistance to the victims and eliminate the consequences. Many wounded and dead remain under the rubble...